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VANIPROMAD is a vanilla preparation and exportation company created in 2016 and having its production line based in Ampanefena but also in Antalaha with a leader having more than 25 years of practice in this field and he was able to benefit from the knowledge transmitted by his father and its great-father, knowledge acquired through hard work for more than 70 years.

Due to the fact that we have an association of 362 people based on the key points of the SAVA region, we can honor very large orders while ensuring ORGANIC production and our capacity is likely to expand in the coming years.

We are now looking for long-term partners to work together transparently. Transparency is the fundamental key to good relationships.



In order to maintain a lasting and viable relationship with its partners, we taught our farmers the value of organic agriculture. The company has created an association and commits to pay 5% of its profits to this associations in order to make investments on infrastructures and materials. All of this will be beneficial to the farmers. The association will also help them have a more secure and stable income. We are very concerned about the environmental causes, we encouraged our planters to replant trees to prevent global warming and climatical changes.

Our team of recruiters has the priority to hire local resources with the aim to have an impact on the economic and social growth of the SAVA region but that doesn’t include children. WE ARE AGAINST CHILD WORK and we influence the parents working for us to send their children to school.